6 Reasons Why Online Directories help Businesses

In todays digital age ensuring your business has an online presence is the single most important marketing function of any business. If you cannot be found online, then to most potential clients you simply don’t exist. Many times I hear the same response from potential clients “Why do I need to list my business on your platform, I have my own website and social media accounts?” and each time I give them the same exact answer.

1. SEO. Adding your business to an online directory increases your visibility with search engines. This is critical for businesses building their online presence.

2. Brand. Having your brand featured on multiple website pages increases your exposure to potential clients who are interested in products or services that you sell. The more eyes on a brand can potentially turn a struggling company into a profitable one.

3. Traffic. Directories usually have direct links to your website. Traffic is still king; more traffic means more opportunities for conversion. More conversion opportunities equal more money.

4. Cost. The cost of listing your business is very affordable when you compare to other advertising mediums such as print, radio and outdoor.

5. Social Media. Directories are now more social media friendly than ever. Visitors can now click on the social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your information or to follow you. More people connected to your social media accounts equals more exposure and opportunity.

6. Spotlight. Directories spotlight your business with maps, contact information, social media accounts and the services you provide to potential customers who may have never heard of you before. It’s a mini version of your website but it’s just as effective.

Its not enough to have a website or a few social media accounts. In todays market, businesses must have multiple online channels that will drive traffic back to their website. Make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers and list your company today.

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